Monday, March 21, 2011

Robin Parry's Concise Reflection on Christian Universalism

Robin Parry uses the controversy surrounding Rob Bell's new book as a springboard for offering a nice (and concise) overview of Christian Universalism, in the form of debunking seven "myths" about it. If you haven't seen it (and if this controversy interests you), check out his essay, Bell's Hells, in the Baptist Times. Parry is the author of The Evangelical Universalist (under the pseudonym "Gregory McDonald) and co-editor of Universal Slavation? The Current Debate (in which I have an essay). Both books are well worth checking out.


  1. Sorry--should have been clearer. Parry's essay is called "Bell's Hells" and the link is found under the article name.

  2. Hi Eric: One of the worst of the misguided objections Robin mentioned is the "if universalism is true then we can sin freely because there is no consequence to sin". This objection would apply to "salvation by grace not works" just as much--and yet the objectors forcefully reject an earned salvation (as did the Apostle Paul when he faced the exact same objection).