Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Cover Options...

Speaking of the new book, John and I have received suggested covers from our editor, and I got the go-ahead to post some of the alternatives here to solicit feedback from readers. Unfortunately, I received the sample covers in Adobe pdf format and cannot figure out how to post them to blogger. Using the "Insert image" option doesn't work, and cutting-and-pasting doesn't work (once in blogger it doesn't give me the option to paste). If anyone know how to transfer images to a blog post in blogger, let me know.

Since internet has not been turned on yet at the new house and I'm heading home from the office now to continue the task of unpacking, you won't see the sample images until tomorrow even if someone can walk me through the process. But assuming no devastating effects of the predicted massive tornado outbreak that's supposed to hit central Oklahoma this afternoon, I'll be back at the office in the morning and will try again then.


  1. The insert image function doesn't take PDF- only jpg, gif, png. I would recommend that you use a handy image program (mac preview is sufficient) to convert to PNG, then try again.

  2. Just open up the PDF and take a screengrab with the Print-screen key on your keyboard (or the mac alternative). Then paste that into any image editor (Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, etc.), and save it out as a JPG.