Tuesday, June 7, 2011

While I'm out of town...

...please take the time to complete the following sentence:

"When life hands you a lemon..."

The most original, humorous, and relevant-to-themes-on-this-blog response will win a very special imaginary prize.

(Sample response: "...give yourself a papercut with you grandmother's copy of the King James Bible and then squeeze the lemon juice into the wound.")


  1. When life hands you a lemon ... have hope that god loves you and will take you into a lemon-free heaven eventually. Pay no further attention to that lemon. It is just part of reality. Reality sucks.

  2. When life hand you a lemon......eat the lemon and then poop out the seeds to help make more lemon trees.

    When life hands you a lemon.....realize that God hates lemons (like he hates Esau) and that he loves oranges (like he loves Jacob), but this love and hate are temporal means to creating a greater, eternally tasty tropical fruit punch consisting of every kind of citrus.

  3. When life hands you a lemon....know that it is to thicken the plot.