Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conversation with Chris Tilling on the Evangelical Universalist Forum

The Evangelical Universalist forum is hosting a conversation between me and Chris Tilling, a New Testament Tutor for St Mellitus College and St Paul's Theological Centre, London. The starting point for our discussion will be the arguments and themes that John Kronen and I develop and defend in our recent book, God's Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism.

The conversation is just getting started. So far, Chris has posted an initial set of questions, and--just a few minutes ago--I posted my initial response. That response focuses on the first questions, relating to the main lines of argument in God's Final Victory, what I take to be its distinctive contributions, and what I hope it will achieve.

Readers of this blog interested in universalism and hell should definitely check out the conversation--and while you're there, browse the site. There are some interesting exchanges, including a spirited one between Glenn Peoples and Tom Talbott that makes for engaging reading.

In any event, I'll try to keep you informed here whenever there's a new post in the conversation there.


  1. I just recently read God's Final Victory and was very impressed. You and John Kronen thought of some really interesting arguments that hadn't occurred to me before. It's an amazing book!

  2. Evan,

    Thanks. We worked on the book off and on for years, and put a lot of effort into it in the year leading up to publication--so this kind of feedback is much appreciated!

  3. Hey Eric, You made an awesome reply. On behalf of the forum administrators, I'm sorry that we changed the web address of your post and that your link above no longer goes there. The new address for your reply is

    I also look forward to incorporating all of your arguments for universalism in a libertarian creation with my eschatology : -)