Monday, September 17, 2012

Central States Philosophical Association 2012 Conference Program

For those of you who have been dying to know what I've been doing for the last five months when I haven't been blogging, this conference program represents the fruits of (much of) that activity. 

Central States Philosophical Association 2012 Conference
September 21-22, University of Missouri, Columbia
Memorial Union, South Wing
(Parking available at University Avenue Parking Garage; fee/permit required on 21st only)
Note: Sessions end five minutes before the hour to allow for a short break between sessions.

Friday Morning, Sept. 21—Epistemology (Memorial Union S107)

9:00      Kyle Ray (Oklahoma State), “False Affirmation and Testimony”
             Commentator: John Camacho (UMSL)
             Chair: Bob Fischer (Texas State)

10:00    Richard Fry (Georgetown), “The Epistemological and Psychological Status of Proofs in Hume”
             Commentator: Mary Gwin (Oklahoma State)
             Chair: John Matheson (North Florida)

11:00    Bob Fischer (Texas State), “TRUE is False and Why it Matters”
             Commentator: Joshua DiPaolo (Massachusetts-Amherst)
             Chair: Eric Reitan (Oklahoma State)

12:00    Michael Shaffer (St Cloud State), “Doxastic Voluntarism, Epistemic Deontology and Belief-contravening Commitments”
             Commentator: Christopher Gadsden (Missouri)
             Chair: Brendan Murday (Ithaca)

Friday Morning, Sept 21—Ethics (Memorial Union S207)

9:00      Eric Wiland (Missouri-St. Louis), “Williams on Thick Ethical Concepts and Reasons for Action”
             Commentator: Robert Johnson (Missouri)
             Chair: Thomas Reynolds (Missouri)

10:00    Adam Thompson (Nebraska-Lincoln), “Optimism and Resentment”
             Commentator: MaryEllen VanDerHeyden (Washington University)
             Chair: John Camacho (UMSL)

11:00    Jeff Behrends (Wisconsin-Madison), “Parfit’s All or None Argument and the Development of Normative Hybridism”
             Commentator: Joel Dittmer (MU of Sci & Tech)
             Chair: Thomas Reynolds (Missouri)

12:00    Bekka Williams (Wisconsin-Madison), “What Does Subjective ‘Ought’ Imply?”
             Commentator: Joshua Smart (Missouri)
             Chair: Bryan Stegner (Washington University)

Friday Morning, Sept. 21—Free Will & Philosophy of Mind (Memorial Union S110)

9:00      Philip Swenson (UC-Riverside), “What Can We Learn from Deterministic Frankfurt-Style Cases?”
             Commentator: David Palmer (Tennessee-Knoxville)
             Chair: Kevin McCain (Alabama-Birmingham)

10:00    Open (Session Cancelled)

11:00    Dennis Trinkle (Wisconsin-Madison), “Delusions and Downstream Effects”
             Commentator: Krista Wiley (UMSL)
             Chair: Bradley Rettler (Notre Dame)

12:00    Matthew Cook (Oklahoma), “Extended Perception”
             Commentator: Lynn Chien-Hui Chiu (Missouri)
             Chair: Bryan Weaver


Friday Afternoon, Sept 21—The Philosophy of Allan Gibbard (MU S107)

2:00      Tyler Paytas (Washington U), “How Should We Feel about Nursing Homes and Camel Thefts?”
             Commentator: Phil Zema (Missouri)
             Chair: : Thomas Reynolds (Missouri)

3:00      Louis Gularte (Northern Illinois), “On the Possibility of Compatibility Between Moral Objectivity and Plan-based Expressivism”
             Commentator: Jeff Behrends, Wisconsin-Madison)
             Chair: Joshua DiPaoulo

4:00      Bruce Russell (Wayne State), “Parfit and Gibbard on Intuitions”
             Commentator: Allan Gibbard (Michigan)
             Chair: Eric Reitan

Friday Afternoon, Sept 21—Values & Ethics (MU S207)

2:00      Andrew Ward (Minnesota), “A Pragmatic Rapproachment of Facts and Values”
             Commentator: Don Morse (Webster)
             Chair: Christopher Gadsden (Missouri)

3:00      Antony Aumann (Northern Michigan), “The Relationship Between Aesthetic Value and Cognitive Value”
             Commentator: Allison Merrick (Arkansas-Little Rock)
             Chair: Dennis Trinkle (Wisconsin-Madison)

4:00      Donald Wilson (Kansas State), “Herman on Beneficence”
             Commentator: Everett Fulmer (St. Louis)
             Chair: Kyle Ray (Oklahoma State)

Friday Afternoon, Sept. 21—Metaphysics (MU S110)

2:00      Maxwell Suffis (Northern Illinois), “Why We Shouldn’t Think of Souls as Meriological Simples: A Negative Assessment of the Paradox of Increase”
             Commentator: Kevin Sharpe (St. Could State)
             Chair: Bradley Rettler (Notre Dame)

3:00      Bradley Rettler (Notre Dame), “How to Think About Grounding”
             Commentator: Andrew Melnyk (Missouri)
             Chair: Richard Fry (Georgetown)

Friday, 5-6 PM: Keynote by Allan Gibbard: “Meaning and Normativity.” Introduction by Paul Weirich (MU S107)

Banquet: 7 PM, Reynolds Alumni Center

Saturday Morning, Sept. 22—Political Philosophy (MU S207)

9:00      Joshua Anderson (St. Louis), “What is to be Done About the Rabble?”
             Commentator: Roxy Green (Arkansas-Little Rock)
             Chair: Bekka Williams (Wisconsin-Madison)

10:00    Christopher McCammon (Drake), “How to be an Instrumentalist about Political Legitimacy”
             Commentator: Peter Vallentyne (Missouri)
             Chair: Regina Schouten (Wisconsin Madison)

11:00    Regina Schouten (Wisconsin-Madison), “Citizenship, Reciprocity, and the Gendered Division of Labor.”
             Commentator: Stephanie Hull (Missouri)
             Chair: Joshua DiPaoulo (Massachusetts-Amherst)

12:00    Dustin Nelson (Tennessee), “(Mis)Understanding Rawls’ Wide View of Public Political Culture”
             Commentator: Sheng Zhang (Missouri)
             Chair: Tyler Paytas (Washington University-St. Louis)

Saturday Morning, Sept. 22—Decision Theory and Epistemology (MU S203)

9:00      Ashton Sperry (Missouri), “On Defining Strategy”
             Commentator: Seth Kurtenbach (Missouri)
             Chair: Andrew Spear (Grand Valley State)

10:00    Tanya Kostochka (Northern Illinois), “Intention and Resolution in a Two-Stage Newcomb’s Problem”
             Commentator: Ashton Sperry (Missouri)
             Chair: Andrew Spear (Grand Valley State)

11:00    James Beebe (SUNY Buffalo), “Gettierized Knobe Effects”
             Commentator: Kevin McCain (Alabama-Birmingham)
             Chair: Mary Gwin (Oklahoma State)

12:00    Brendan Murday (Ithaca College), “Dissolving the Problem of the Criterion”
             Commentator: Andrew Spear (Grand Valley State)
             Chair: Mary Gwin (Oklahoma State)

Saturday Morning, Sept. 22—Metaphysics (MU S206)

9:00      Kenneth Boyce (Notre Dame), “On Believing in Neutrons but not Numbers”
             Commentator: Eric Hiddleston (Wayne State)
             Chair: Andrew Melnyk (Missouri)

10:00    Justin Remhof (Illinois-Urbana Champaign), “Object Constructivism and Unconstructed Objects”
             Commentator: Kenneth Boyce (Notre Dame)
             Chair: Jonah Goldwater (Missouri)

11:00    Eric Hiddleston (Wayne State), “Semantic Ineliminabilty, Fictionalism, and Ontology”
             Commentator: John Collins (East Carolina)
             Chair: Richard Fry (Georgetown)

LUNCH: 1-2

Saturday Afternoon, Sept. 22—Moral Problems (MU S207)

2:00      Philip Mouch (Minnesota State-Moorhead), “Self-Defense and the Castle Doctrine”
             Commentator: Crystal Allen (Principia College)
             Chair: Phillip Zema (Missouri)

3:00      Crystal Allen (Principia College), “Justifying War and the Boundaries of Territorial Defense”
             Commentator: Isaac Wagner (Missouri)
             Chair: Philip Swenson (UC-Riverside)

4:00      Owen Shaefer (Oxford), “Moral Disagreement and Moral Enhancement”
             Commentator: Wenwen Fan (Missouri)
             Chair: Ron Glass (Wisconsin-LaCross)

Saturday Afternoon, Sept. 22—Epistemology (MU S203)

2:00      Jonathan Matheson (North Florida), “Is there a Well-Founded Solution to the Generality Problem?”
             Commentator: Casey Swank (St. Cloud State)
             Chair: Mary Gwin (Oklahoma State)

3:00      Ted Poston (South Alabama), “Coherence, A Priority, and Logic”
             Commentator: David Henderson (Nebraska-Lincoln)
             Chair: Jonathan Matheson (North Florida)

4:00      Kevin McCain (Alabama-Birmingham), “In Defense of the Explanationist Response to Skepticism”
             Commentator: Ali Hasan (Iowa)
             Chair: Ted Poston (South Alabama)

Saturday Afternoon, Sept. 22—Philosophy of Religion (MU S206)

2:00      Andrew Moon (Kansas State), “Religious Disagreement, Epistemic Circularity, and the Cognitive Science of Religion”
             Commentator: David Alexander (Iowa State)
             Chair: Dennis Trinkle (Wisconsin-Madison)

3:00      Billy Ramey (Missouri), “Why We Cannot Go On to Infinity: A Hybrid Cosmological Argument”
             Commentator: Eric Reitan (Oklahoma State)
             Chair: Antony Aumann (Northern Michigan)

4:00      Open (Session cancelled)

Saturday Sept. 22, 5 PM: Business Meeting (chaired by Eric Reitan) followed by Presidential Address by Paul Weirich: “Simplifying Choices” (MU S203)

Saturday, Sept 22, 6-7 PM: Closing Reception (MU S206)


  1. I wish I could hear that presentation on doxastic volunteerism.

    Where will the paper be available?

    1. The CSPA doesn't publish conference proceedings, but it is possible the author of the doxastic voluntarism paper will pursue publication in a philosophy journal. I can check if you'd like.

  2. Sounds delightful. I wish I could attend. It is good to see so many students presenting.

    This must be a huge amount of work to put together.

  3. This is off topic, but do you happen to know when a paperback or ebook version of "God's Final Victory" will be available? I've been dying to read it but the cost of the hardcover is prohibitive.

    1. I've been wondering the same thing and thinking I should contact the publisher to find out. I'll let you know.

    2. Thank you! That would be quite helpful.