Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And it's here...

...the paperback edition of God's Final Victory!

I'm tempted to say that this book is the definitive philosophical defense of Christian universalism, that it not only shows that Rob Bell was too tentative in his universalist leanings but explains why in terms that are philosophically powerful and comprehensive. But I'm Norwegian, and Norwegians aren't allowed to thump their own chests like that.

So I'll just point out instead that if fear of the triple-digit hardcover price has kept you from picking up your copy of what Keith Yandell (no universalist himself) calls "the state of the art of argument in support of universalism" that "should be taken into account in any discussion of it"--well, fear no more!  Add "the most complete discussion to date of the relevant philosophical and theological issues" (Thomas Talbott) to your book shelf now, for less than it would cost to feed a family of four at your local Italian restaurant.

Well, unless it's a cheap Italian restaurant.


  1. Congratulations! It's good to see that your book is now available at an affordable price. I hope it will now get the attention it deserves.

  2. Really nice, I'd like to read your book.

    By the way, I just loved reading "Is God a Delusion". I'd like to understand those topics a little better, any suggestion - a book that you find would be a good follow up?


  3. Gonçalo,

    It depends a lot on the kind of follow-up that you want to do. In a way, _Is God a Delusion?_ was designed to be a kind of introduction to the philosophy of religion by way of a response to the New Atheists. If you want a more comprehensive introduction to the range of arguments and ideas on the questions addressed in my book, you might consider a good introductory philosophy of religion text (I am personally keen on the one by William Rowe, but if you like a more historical approach Linda Zagzebski has an excellent one). If you want to focus in more narrowly on some of the issues introduced in IGAD, there are variety of suggestions I could make based on which issues you are most interested in exploring further.

    1. Thanks Eric,

      Yes, I think an introductory text might be a good idea. I'll check those out.