Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E-Book Formats for GOD'S FINAL VICTORY

God's Final Victory

While there remains no Kindle version of God's Final Victory, and while the American Bloomsbury-Continuum site continues to indicate only two formats for the book--hardcover and paperback--the UK site has two different e-book formats available for download: PDF eBook and EPUB eBook. 

The cost of an electronic copy of the book is the same as the paperback--and, as I said, it is only available at the UK site, where it is listed for £17.99. But since some enjoy the portability and other convenience features offered by an e-book, I thought I'd pass along this option. 


  1. Is there going to be a Kindle version of the book?

    1. Last I heard, the terms that Amazon was offering for the Kindle version were incompatible with Bloomsbury-Continuum's business model for the book, or something to that effect. So I'm not especially optimistic. But perhaps things will change.