Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Universalism Interview on Randal Rauser's Blog

The prolific theologian, Randal Rauser, has been interviewing me on the topic of universalism on and off over the last couple of months. Mostly off--I'm sure he was starting to lose patience with me, since I answered his thoughtful questions in sporadic bursts (squeezed into the gaps left by other things).

In any event, the results of that interview are now posted on his blog under the heading, "When it comes to the question of universal salvation: An interview with Eric Reitan." We didn't get to the topic of free will and universalism--a topic of no small interest and importance. This is a topic that John and I address at length in God's Final Victory (devoting two substantive chapters to the issue). I've also explored it in various articles--most accessibly in my contribution to Universal Salvation? The Current Debate. And I've addressed it in various ways on this blog.

However, it does seems appropriate to take it up here in a more direct way over the next few weeks.Unfortunately I've just started teaching a three week intensive intercession course in ethics, which leaves me limited time to do other things. So I'll have to "squeeze it into the gaps" once again.

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