Monday, March 31, 2014

Fred Phelps isn't Dead

Well, I suppose in a technical sense he’s dead.

And depending on what you believe, you might suppose his immortal soul lives on in some other realm. I like to imagine he’s been astonished into silent weeping by the radically inclusive love of God, and that the self-loathing he tried to slather onto others here on earth has been flaking off under the force of that love.

I like to imagine that his old mantra, “God hates fags,” has been replaced by a new one: “Even me? You love even me?”

But when I say that Fred Phelps isn’t dead, I mean that his spirit of dogmatic pugnacity lives on. That signature Phelpsian hatred—wrapped up in a message of divine mandate, bow-tied with Bible-verses, and then shoved in our faces as if it were the gift of Christ to humanity—is alive and well.

And it comes at us in more and less blatant forms.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Children Need a Father and a Mother": A Reply on Behalf of Androgynous Parents Everywhere

Here’s something I hear a lot: “Children need a father and a mother.”

As a man raising two lovely children together with my wife, I find this statement insulting. I take offense at it. Personal offense.

Let me explain why.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E-Book Formats for GOD'S FINAL VICTORY

God's Final Victory

While there remains no Kindle version of God's Final Victory, and while the American Bloomsbury-Continuum site continues to indicate only two formats for the book--hardcover and paperback--the UK site has two different e-book formats available for download: PDF eBook and EPUB eBook. 

The cost of an electronic copy of the book is the same as the paperback--and, as I said, it is only available at the UK site, where it is listed for £17.99. But since some enjoy the portability and other convenience features offered by an e-book, I thought I'd pass along this option.